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Free To Care

A production by 
Iron Light Labs
In association with
Chris Temple and Owen Dubeck
Executive Producer(s)
Austin Berg, Ryan Green, and Zach Ingrasci
Jo Jensen and Jenna M. Kelly
consulting producer(s)
Joe Kaiser and Remo Wakeford
Director of Photography
Sharif El Neklawy
Princess Hairston
Original Music By
Nate Zuercher

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Lisa Creason was denied her dream in nursing. So she took matters into her own hands, and changed the profession forever for thousands of ex-offenders like her. But the fight isn’t over.

Over 30 years ago, Lisa Creason attempted to rob a Subway cash register. She had no plan, no weapon, and no get-away car. It was an act of desperation to feed her infant daughter, and resulted in a criminal record she couldn’t escape. While in nursing school, a law passed that prevented her from becoming a nurse, her only path out of poverty.

Lisa refused this future, and began fighting tooth-and-nail to overturn the law. Today, because of her determination, Lisa works as a registered nurse, saving the lives of COVID-19 patients and fighting daily to overturn similar laws across the United States. This film is a story of hope, forgiveness, and the power of a do-it-yourself attitude.

We document Lisa’s journey as she helps lift up her community by mentoring at-risk youth, saving lives in a long-term care facility, and campaigning to overturn legislation that subjects former convicted felons to a life devoid of job opportunities. Lisa’s story is an inspiring reminder that in this country, people have the power to drive real legislative change.

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