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First Week Out

A production by 
Iron Light Labs
In association with
Atlas Network
Charles Fritschner
Executive Producer(s)
Jo Jensen
Daniel Anthony
Dugan Bridges
Remo Wakeford
Erica Hilbert
consulting producer(s)
Tony Kitchens
Director of Photography
Remo Wakeford
Dugan Bridges
Original Music By
Nate Zuercher

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Larry Williams spent the last 42 years in prison. We follow his first week of freedom.

In 1979, Larry Williams entered prison and was released 42 years later.

FIRST WEEK OUT is a short documentary (21 minutes) that follows Larry’s pivotal first week of freedom. Follow Larry in his first week out as he tries to make sense of his past, navigates life in a re-entry home, reunites with an old prison friend, applies for a job, meets with a new mentor, and forges a path forward.

Research has shown that the first week out of prison for formerly incarcerated men and women will define their future success or failure. After serving their sentences, it is vital for individuals to have an opportunity to become a functioning member of society.

Every week there are more than 10,000 people in America like Larry experiencing their first week out of prison. Within three years, two out of three won’t make it and will end up back in prison. We wanted to tell Larry’s story to encourage viewers to join the thousands of people and organizations across the country helping individuals like Larry beat the odds.

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