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The Challenge We Seek To Address

Too often freedom-focused organizations use messaging that excites only their base and donors. To effectively persuade new audiences and drive change, communication needs to be customized using the right message from the right messenger to the right audience at the right time – and most importantly, to compel that audience to act. Our founders knew this and endeavored to build a marketing agency that built on the knowledge of consumer products marketing but specialized in freedom-centered public policy. Today our marketing team consists of twenty-four experts and practitioners from outside the policy world who each bring their own unique perspective and talent to the table.

Top Questions

Our Solution

With content at the heart of our overall marketing strategy, we built out a team of writers and storytellers that we paired with creative talent including graphic artists, illustrators, cartoonists, motion graphic artists and filmmakers. We specialize in developing the ability to distribute this emotionally compelling content to audiences within the persuadable middle who are not committed to ideology from the left or right and teach them how to take action.

We founded Iron Light Labs to experiment with and develop content, messaging and methods that effectively reach and persuade new audiences on the benefits of a free society. We then use our findings to train and share with other activists and organizations, creating exponential results.

Iron Light Labs is an award-winning nonprofit focused on R&D for social impact. The nonprofit is called “Labs” because it experiments, innovates and tests to discover the best way to drive change. Iron Light Labs is building a future where storytellers leap out of their echo chambers, creators partner with effective messengers, changemakers experiment with emerging media, and everyone measures what matters.


Is Iron Light Labs a non-profit organization?

Iron Light Labs is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. If you would like to donate by mail, please send checks to: Iron Light Labs 300 S. Riverside Plaza Suite 1625 Chicago, IL 60606.

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